Why am I unable to login or view posted jobs?
While your application for candidacy is under review, access to view postings is restricted. We will be reaching out when we feel we have an opportunity that is potentially a good mutual fit!
I submitted my application/resume to your website. What are the next steps and when will I hear back from you?
You have done all that you need to do! We are reviewing your resume, and as soon as we feel we have an opportunity that is a good fit for you, we will certainly be reaching out. Stay tuned!
I was approved as a candidate, but my access is still restricted. Can you help?
Absolutely! Just email the person that you have been in contact with here at SilverChair, and we will help you out.
Do you place roles in New York City only?
The majority of our roles are based out of NYC, but we do have select searches in Westchester/CT, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Beach, Los Angeles and globally (London or Dubai) as well. If you feel that we can be a resource for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us regardless of your location!
Where did the name "SilverChair Partners" come from?
Ah, our favorite question. There are many reasons actually…as leaders in the industry of "support roles," we felt SilverChair Partners was an obvious connection: a chair provides strong support and leverage, and silver is brilliantly polished and the most malleable and flexible of all precious metals. Yet, it can easily withstand the weight of more rigid gold and platinum. These traits are very characteristic of the incredible candidates we place in roles every day. We can’t fail to mention that SilverChair is also an epic 1990's rock band and a fantastic Chronicles of Narnia book with some great integrative correlation… And there might be one more reason, but we’ll stick with these for now…☺